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It’s all about quality (and money!)

Scritto da Giovanni Salucci

There are two paths for a researcher to disseminate his/her results: post the manuscript on a Preprint server or submit it to a Journal.

If we take a look at the stakeholders involved in the two paths, we may understand the differences between the Preprint path and the Journal path.

The Preprint path springs from the researcher community, so  it is self-regulating; main stakeholders are the Researchers, the Librarians and some tech IT staff.

The Journal path arises  inside a “Learned Society”; main stakeholders are the Society itself, the Authors, the Reviewers, the Publisher.

While the Preprint path is a sort of Author’s self-publishing, the  Journal path promises (and offers) quality  and some level of standards. The role of the Society (through the peer review) and the Publisher is to define the quality standards of the Journal and guarantee its  sustainability over  time. All this has a cost, different from the Preprint path:   someone must pay the bill.

The research community should decide if switching from the Journal to the Preprint path, or could introduce a mix of them or a new one; nevertheless, it’s all about quality (and money)!


Giovanni Salucci

Vive a Firenze, CEO di Progettinrete, si occupa di editoria accademica, di innovazione nei processi editoriali delle university press e di tutto ciò che riguarda la definizione dei flussi, la raccolta, gestione, archiviazione, indicizzazione, ricerca e distribuzione dell’informazione.